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Financial - Legal - Technical - Marketing/PR texts

For internationally oriented organisations, translations are one of the cornerstones of doing business successfully. They are essential to communicating with the world at large. The quality of a translation is therefore crucial. Communication is only effective, after all, when the message is conveyed clearly… at any particular moment… in every language.

Hapax Vertalers wants to support your communication efforts with high-quality translations and professional interpreters. Our objective is to help you clearly project your company or organisation profile and always set the right tone. The key points of focus underlying our services are: expertise, accuracy, speed, flexibility and commitment. Hapax Vertalers remains keenly aware of your specific wishes, your message and your target group.

We translate quotations, contracts, court summons, legal petitions, record extracts, annual reports, company presentations, prospectuses, fund descriptions, technical manuals, websites, brochures, reports, press releases, catalogues, marketing texts, recruitment texts and promotional material.

For congresses and seminars, we have an extensive network of specialised interpreters. They can guarantee smooth communication between all participants. Regardless of the language of instruction or the subject, our interpreters ensure that everyone 'understands' everyone else through liaison interpreting, consecutive interpreting, whisper interpreting and simultaneous interpreting.

Whether you need the occasional translation or interpreter, or require assistance with a large project, our years of experience can work to your benefit. We can also advise you with respect to the content, style and focus of a text. At Hapax Vertalers, you will find language experts in financial/economic, legal, technical and commercial fields.

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